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By Jessica Stacy

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Developmental Editing

Involves reorganization and restructuring. Perfect for when you get stuck and need some guidance.


Cover Copy & Synopsis Writing

Short review or summary of your piece's most marketable elements to grab the attention of potential readers at first sight.

Copy Editing

Inspecting writing for proper syntax and revising to achieve consistency in tone, style, voice, and POV throughout the piece.


A basic review to ensure grammar and punctuation are in line for the final copy.

Author Social Media and Online Marketing

Developing the best strategy to connect you and your work with your target audience. Services range from setting up your profiles to strategy consultations to full content creation that drives engagement with readers and others in the writing and publishing community. 


Focuses include author's website or blog, Facebook fan page, Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, and more!

Regarding editorial rates: I believe that every piece of writing is unique and should be treated specially. I will work with you to assess the needs of your manuscript and set rates according to what level and type of revision we decide is best for your work.




Hi, I'm Jessica Stacy, and I'm here to help your work leap off the page. With a BA in English and a certificate in editing according to the Chicago Manual, I'm ready to use my propensity for language to enhance your latest work. I specialize in nonfiction and biographies/memoirs, but I can't resist an opportunity to work with fiction.

Whether you’re ready for that final edit before publishing or you’ve just gotten started, I’m here to help polish your work until it shines. Or, if you've finished your book and are ready to share it with the world, but not sure how to get the word out, I can help establish you as your own marketing guru. Feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch with me about how I can transform your book and your social media reach!

Jessica Stacy, Freelance Editor


Bandstand Diaries

Bandstand Diaries by Arlene Sullivan, Ray Smith, and Sharon Sultan Cutler

I started out in editing with Bandstand Diaries, a delightfully retro collaboration brimming with lighthearted memoirs, a star-studded diary, and behind-the-scenes secrets from the show American Bandstand. From this project, I developed a passion for editing nonfiction and biographies.



“Jessica was a dream editor to work with. I never realized how in depth the editing process would be. Her suggestions totally tightened the copy in our American Bandstand book, Bandstand Diaries. Indeed, I recommend Jessica to be your editor. It may turn out to be one of the most important relationships you have as an author or for your business copy.”


—Sharon Sultan Cutler, coauthor of Bandstand Diaries


Jessica Stacy with Bandstand Diaries author Sharon Sultan Cutler

Discussing new chapters of Bandstand Diaries with Sharon Sultan Cutler.




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